Nikola Ivušić and Jure Vujević
20.09.1973. - 15.10.1991.   24.02.1974. - 15.10.1991.

Unsaperable pair from childhood. Together in kindergarten, together in school, also in rowing at Rowing club "Croatia" Zagreb. In their life and in their patriotic spirit  they simply could not wait to become  seniors and as voulonteers they stood to defend their country. One school bench on the 15th of October 1991 became empty, the unsaperabble pair made history. After their death they were honored a medal "Zrinski - Frankopan". In the race of coxless pairs for juniors may win the pair who is ready, brave and skilled in the honour of our two knights NIKOLA IVUŠIĆ and JURE VUJEVIĆ.


The memorial race of juniors B eights is held in the memory of late ZDRAVKO GRAHOVAC who dedicated his life to rowing. All through his life he was an active competitor. After his rowing career, he became president of RC "Croatia" Zagreb, secretary of Zagreb rowing federation and a member of Croatian rowing federation executive board. As an rowing umpire he perticipated in the organization of many rowing regattas. Zdravko Grahovac made a big contribution to development to rowing in the city of Zagreb and whole of Croatia, perticulary in the development of umpire organization. He worked with young rowers who learned a great deal from him, he

inspired them. We will remember our dear frend  ZDRAVKO GRAHOVAC for his great spirit, frendly smile and love for rowing. He will allways be with us.