Rowing club Croatia Zagreb was founded in 1935 under the the name Sava, and it celebrates 70 years of successful past. Even thou the boat house was built during 1934 the club begun its rowing activities in 1935. In its history it changed its name a few times, it was called Macabi, Lokomotiva, Lasta, Trnje, Sloga and on the 11th of June 1971 it got its name R.C.Croatia.

We have to emphasize that all members or R.C.Croatia in some way were distinctive from all other of their colleges by good spirit, sportsmanship or competitiveness.

R.C.Croatia had international success es in its history, Zlatko Buzina rower of R.C.Croatia and his partner from Zadar Marko Perinović won 10th place in the Olympic games in 1992 in coxless pair. That was the first time that Croatian rowers participated as sportsmen from independent Croatia. Then in 1993. Igor Velimirović rower of R.C.Croatia  with his partners from R.C.Mladost Saraga, Banović and Marušić won gold at famous Luzern regatta.

But the bigest success came at Olympic games in Sydney in a year 2000 when Croatian eight won bronze medal. Igor Francetić, Krešimir Ćuljak and Silvio Petriško, rowers from R.C.Croatia were member of that famous Croatian crew.

 Today there are about 50 active rowers, most of them in youth categories. Even there are some difficulties in funding all activities due to some financial constraints, we hope that among those club members we will find future champions.

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